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Become part of a team of people committed to changing the lives of children by becoming a GClub member and contributing R165 per month towards the study fees of the beneficiaries of Genesis Trust.

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Register for a MySchool / MyVillage card and list Genesis Trust as the Beneficiary. Genesis Trust will be allocated an amount of your purchase price without it costing you a sent.
Do your online shopping at via the Genesis Trust website and we will receive a percentage of your purchase amount.
Become a volunteer
Why be a Volunteer?

There are many reasons to become a volunteer:

• the desire to help
• to use one's knowledge for something good
• to live a new experience, to overcome challenges
• to acquire abilities
• to establish social relationships
• to contribute to the common good

But once you begin, the joy of volunteering and the interaction with those you are helping will be more than sufficient reason to keep you coming back.

What's happening around you?

You know that all around you are people who need your assistance and compassion. The news media bombards us with sad images from far away places, but unfortunately the reality is not so far away and the phrase Charity begins at home has never been more true.

Take the step!!!

Now is the time to enjoy yourself by helping us to transform a child with no future into a SELF SUFFICIENT
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