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Become part of a team of people committed to changing the lives of children by becoming a GClub member and contributing R165 per month towards the study fees of the beneficiaries of Genesis Trust.

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Register for a MySchool / MyVillage card and list Genesis Trust as the Beneficiary. Genesis Trust will be allocated an amount of your purchase price without it costing you a sent.
Do your online shopping at via the Genesis Trust website and we will receive a percentage of your purchase amount.
Become a mentor
Only a few relationships in life is more important than the one between an adult and a child. A great benefit of mentoring a child is that both the mentor and mentee benefit from the relationship: The child obtains a role-model in life and the adult gets an opportunity to positively influence the life of a child.

A mentor can be anyone who is interested and willing to help a child with the challenges of life, to provide advice and to navigate children in the right direction with important life-changing decisions. These children need someone to be a witness to their lives and to help them make decisions to overcome the challenges in their life and future work situations.
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