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Become part of a team of people committed to changing the lives of children by becoming a GClub member and contributing R165 per month towards the study fees of the beneficiaries of Genesis Trust.

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Register for a MySchool / MyVillage card and list Genesis Trust as the Beneficiary. Genesis Trust will be allocated an amount of your purchase price without it costing you a sent.
Do your online shopping at via the Genesis Trust website and we will receive a percentage of your purchase amount.
gsport GSport is a collective initiative where we incorporate our volunteers’ passion for the outdoors with fundraising for the Genesis Trust. GClub together with Adidas will provide the athletes involved with kits to ensure that they perform at their absolute best – for themselves and for the children.

These sportsmen and sportswomen will aim to raise R1000/athlete/year.

If you’re a sports fanatic you would probably have heard of sporting charities such as MAD, JAD and Livestrong….to name but a few! Not even to mention the tears and inspiration that follows suit when you watch Team Hoyt living up to their famous slogan “Yes you can” when finishing yet another ultra race while also slashing their own PB’s ( If you believe in anything close to the following mottos, namely:
• Live’s short-live large
• Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice
• Determination and perseverance move the world; thinking that others will do it for you is a sure way to fail
• You would need to join the GClub sport team!
Here is your chance to set the wheels in motion, get into action, line up at the starting line and make a difference. GClub gives you the opportunity to take part in your favourite sport, have fun and make a contribution towards the children of the Genesis Trust. Follow these simple steps:
Join GClub
Enter as many sports events of your liking (View our calendar)
Start training and raise a small amount as part of your commitment and dedication towards GClub
Once you are a member, we commit to support you with the following:
GClub t-shirt
A monthly newsletter
A monthly update of sports events
Nutritional and training programmes
To get your blood flowing and adrenaline pumping, we enclose a list of selected sport events
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