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Become part of a team of people committed to changing the lives of children by becoming a GClub member and contributing R165 per month towards the study fees of the beneficiaries of Genesis Trust.

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Register for a MySchool / MyVillage card and list Genesis Trust as the Beneficiary. Genesis Trust will be allocated an amount of your purchase price without it costing you a sent.
Do your online shopping at via the Genesis Trust website and we will receive a percentage of your purchase amount.
About GClub
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For the returning volunteers and supporters we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past and continued support in assisting us to make the dreams of our students become reality.

For the new volunteer and future supporter we would like to extend a warm welcome and thank you for the part that you will be playing the the lives of the students that we support. Prepare yourself for the changes you will be orchestrating – in your own life and those of the students that we support.
Funds allocated
Genesis Trust has one full time volunteer, trustee Jorika Pienaar, responsible for administration and fundraising. In their free time, trustees Sarel Boshoff and Gerrie Wessels take responsibility for management and financial matters. Given this structure, Genesis Trust can operate on a zero overheads basis. All the donations received is paid out as bursaries.

Why join GClub
We believe in the future of the youth of South African and we believe that Education can assist these children to break the vicious cycle they have been born in, to rise from their circumstances and to prove that your circumstances only determined their past but it is in their hands to shape their future.

These students have come a long way, facing hardships and mostly having to live their lives without the loving support of a parental figure. The need is immense and we cannot possible address every persons needs, but we are willing to take children with a passion for life, success and their future and assist them every step of the way to make their dreams a reality.

Prospects and goals
We aim to increase our number of bursaries in the next 5 years only insofar we can ensure a meaningful and sustainable influence on the lives of those we support. Given our current resources, our target is to enrol a maximum of 20 candidates. To enable us to reach our goal we will need to recruit 10 new GClub members until we reach 100 000 members or R100 000.00/month.

We believe that any contribution makes a difference, and even more so by combining the contribution power of a network of like-minded people. Members receive access to all the G-club functions and forms part of a group / network of like-minded people who really makes a difference.

Purpose of GClub
The vision of GClub is to provide a platform for the like-minded individuals with a vision to promote education as a means to ensure a future for the youth of South Africa. You will become part of a network of people that believe in what we do and who would like to lay in stone in the foundation of this success story.

There is no better way to give than to do it freely and with friends, family and colleagues that you know have the same passion for making a change in the lives of those that are less fortunate. Every referral will be awarded with a Wine Bag from Remos Bags filled with a bottle of Flatroof Manor wine sponsored by Distell.

R165 per month combined with 29 other will enable us to support a child for a year. You will barely miss the R165, but your contribution together with those of others will change a child’s life forever! Click here to download the debit order form.
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