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Become part of a team of people committed to changing the lives of children by becoming a GClub member and contributing R165 per month towards the study fees of the beneficiaries of Genesis Trust.

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Register for a MySchool / MyVillage card and list Genesis Trust as the Beneficiary. Genesis Trust will be allocated an amount of your purchase price without it costing you a sent.
Do your online shopping at via the Genesis Trust website and we will receive a percentage of your purchase amount.
What we do
Our Objectives
To educate and empower the disadvantaged children of South Africa
To help ensure a better future for South Africa by addressing the root of the social and economical problems of the country, namely the lack of education
To help a child without a future to become a successful, independent adult
To create a platform for like-minded individuals to become involved in changing the lives of disadvantaged children by donating their time and money
To build trust and acceptance within the business community of South Africa and to be recognised by the Government as an ethical, value-based institution, and by doing so ensuring that they can contribute to the sustainability of the growth of South-Africa’s youth
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost - that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them - Henry David Thoreau
We see potential in the disadvantaged children of South Africa. These children, like any other child, have dreams, ambition and talent. They try hard not to let their circumstances get the best of them, but it is not easy. Often their dreams are just castles in the clouds. Castles which vanish into thin air because the necessary resources lack… resources that we can provide by creating opportunities and by making dreams come true...

The real needs of these children are education, mentoring, guidance and support. Without funds none of these are possible. The funding is needed to help set up a firm foundation to further their education, issue them with home basics and to help them find a work and a place to live.

With the same vision and goals in mind, the Genesis Trust and GClub are supporting vehicles of each other. These two organisations are bound to work together as a whole: Genesis Trust as the financial vehicle, and GClub being the platform and support system. “When one dreams alone, it stays a dream. When a dream is dreamt together, it becomes a reality. The dreams and visions of these organisations are neither long-forgotten nor far-fetched, and are proven to deliver results…

Genesis Trust and G-Club do not only focus on helping children to fit in, but also to stand out. The success stories of these children are not the end, it is merely the beginning, as we care through support and show our love through kindness. By believing in what we do, you are already part of our dream of these disadvantaged children receiving the opportunity to reach their full potential. We also need your help.

The greatest gift you can give children, is to believe in them…
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